Mobile App Surveys

Collect contextual feedback from mobile app users

Use Hubble's powerful native SDK to collect contextual feedback from mobile app users across their journeys.

Get to know your mobile users
in specific moments

Trigger mobile surveys based on specific actions or custom events. Ask questions to specific users in targeted moments to collect contextual feedback.

Customize your mobile app surveys

Match your mobile surveys with your design system by changing the button and text colors programatically on the Hubble dashboard.

Connect your analytics platforms with mobile surveys

Connect Hubble mobile surveys to your analytics tools and user data platforms to trigger them based on custom events and attributes

Resources on
Mobile Surveys 📚

Articles and guides on how to use contextual surveys
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Contextual surveys

What our customers say

“A recent in-product survey we ran with great success was asking users a multiple choice question on which products they would like to see next. We were all surprised by the results as the most voted options didn’t include any of the products we initially expected.”

Sandra Li
Product Manager @ Northspyre

“After testing Hubble for a few weeks, our team was blown away at how easy it was to launch contextual surveys, collect responses and share & synthesize the results within our team.”

Jaegun Lee
Product Manager @ IDUS

"Our team was very satisfied that we collected more than 3000 responses in less than a day for our CSAT survey."

Bryan Le
UX Designer @ Ro
(Former Head of Design @ Good Dog)

"We tried other tools like Intercom before Hubble but we wanted a tool dedicated for product discovery that is light-weight and delivers good response rates. Hubble ticked all those boxes for us and we couldn't be happier."

Brandon Di Bartolo
Head of Product @ Askable

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