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How to use Hubble to build a continuous user feedback engine to understand users in specific moments of their journey

Brandon Di Bartolo
Head of Product at Askable

Askable is a user research platform that allows enterprises to recruit participants for their user research

Marketplaces / B2B SaaS

Facing challenges collecting user satisfaction scores and contextual product insights

In-product surveys
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Elevating User Experience Management through Hubble's Product Surveys

Askable is a leading user research platform based in Australia that helps UX research teams and product teams recruit participants and conduct market research. Askable allows their customers to target specific audiences by providing granular filters and screening questions so that every team can find their targeted personas with speed and accuracy. Some of Askable's customers include Mastercard, Deloitte, Vodafone and many other enterprises around the world.

Brandon Di Bartolo is the head of product at Askable and he is responsible for building the company's product roadmap, establishing workflows between product, engineering and design as well as setting up processes to be able to rapidly iterate and build products that customers need. Brandon led the process of implementing continuous discovery at Askable, and Hubble has been the primary tool that he implemented to be able to collect user feedback and conduct research in all stages of the product development process.

"We tried several tools before we found Hubble. We really wanted a fast and easy-to-use tool that looked like it was part of the experience. Hubble ticked all those boxes for us."

What problem were you facing before implementing Hubble?

Before I came in, there wasn't anything going on to measure user satisfaction and understand what users are doing in the product. Typically, we would liaise with our customer success team and join sales calls to understand what prospects wanted from Askable, but we weren't really getting any viable insights from our actual product users. We thought this was a huge missed opportunity because we weren't really capturing any contextual users that use specific features on our platform; we thought that we could do a much better job in driving feedback driven decisions and really understand how happy our customers are in diffferent moments of their journeys.

Why was this problem important for your team?

In my opinion, one of the hardest things in product is figuring out what to build. In order to prioritize well; it's helpful to have ways to collect feedback from actual users and ensure that we can make data driven decisions when we build our roadmap. We also have different types of users on our plaform which include researchers and participants. Having a solid platform to collect In-product feedback would allow us to collect insights from each user group without having to connect with them directly in real-time, which would expedite our research process and help the team move quickly.

How did Hubble help address those challenges?

Using Hubble, we could solve our continous research problem by adding contextual surveys to different parts of our user journey. We use Hubble in three key parts of our platform: (1) participant and researcher satisfaction scores after finishing research sessions, (2) feature satisfaction and custom feature feedback after releasing features and (3) participant recruitment using in-product intercepts. I frankly don't think it would have been possible to do our continuous research without Hubble, because it would have taken a long time to build out a custom built solution to collect contextual feedback. Without using Hubble, we wouldn't have been able to review user feedback on a weekly basis and continuously improve the user experience.

What specific features or aspects of Hubble have been the most beneficial to you? Why?

The in-product surveying feature has been absolutely crucial for us. Through the surveys, we have been continuously learning about our users and making improvements to our core participant recruitment and research experience. In addition, the surveys integrate with our Segment account, so it's been really easy to connect events and user attributes for audience targeting as well as event based surveys. I also love how easy it is to install the SDK and customize the surveys!

We also use Hubble’s unmoderated testing feature and full screen surveys. Through this feature, we let our customers and researchers create long-form surveys that require more time for completion.

For your recent/latest projects, how did Hubble help?

As I mentioned, one of the key things that we wanted to collect feedback on was user satisfaction after scheduling participant calls. Using Hubble, we were able to collect hundreds of data points in a day to measure user satisfaction and also augment it with custom text feedback so that we could analyze what went right and what went wrong. Both have been important data points that we monitor on a weekly basis in the product team.

In addition, because we are a marketplace platform, we recruit our B2B users to become participants on our panel. Using Hubble, we inject requests for our customers to become participants which has been extremely effective. Overall, we are very satisfied with Hubble and it's continued to operate alongside all our projects and new product launches.

What measurable results or improvements have you experienced since using Hubble?

Before Hubble, there wasn't anything we were using to collect contextual feedback. We did experiment with other tools and we did have Intercom installed, but it wasn't really a tool dedicated for surveying and research as we started using it as a chat bot. I honestly don't think it would have been possible for us to implement continuous discovery without Hubble. We are collecting hundreds of data points each day which is powering our team's user experience management. I highly recommend trying Hubble if you want to build products that users love. Our team has been very happy with our results and we are looking forward to continuing the partnership with the Hubble team.

"I don't think it would have been possible to do our continuous research without using Hubble. It would have required us to build alot of custom modules that we honestly didn't have the capacity to build ourselves."

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