Continuous user experience management

Continuously monitor, measure and enhance your product's user experience
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Feedback from your users
from design to development

Unmoderated studies

Engage with users early in the product development cycle to perform usability and concept tests. Get insightful feedback from your users during ideation and recruit them for user interviews. Save time and budget by testing your assumptions early in the development process, before devoting engineering resources

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Contextual product surveys

Collect contextual user feedback data at any point in the user journey through our engaging in-product components. Launch qualitative in-product research in minutes using Hubble's library of customized surveys and connect them with your analytics platforms

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Participant recruitment

Our rich participant pool helps you find and engage with research participants across the globe. Whether you're a UX Researcher, UX Designer, Product Manager or marketer, you can find research personas that you can target for your projects

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Unlock powerful user insights for your team

Hubble takes your user experience intelligence to a new level by providing a real-time monitoring of your user experience metrics.

Real-time results tracking

You can get real user insights data anytime, anywhere. Hubble becomes your continuous user experience engine

Save time when summarizing results

Generate automated insights reports and send them to stakeholders at any moment. It's like having an internal user insights team!

Expand the scope of your feedback

Hubble is not just built for survey data. Recruit participants directly from your product to test your designs and prototypes or even

Heatmaps and user paths

See usability test results with precision, including screen level heat maps and user paths

Screen recordings

Replay video clips of user testing sessions

Customer STORIES

What our customers say

Discover how Hubble empowers teams to create best class products

Real Estate

How Northspyre's product team leverages Hubble to prioritize roadmap

Covered conducted an A/B test on a new feature design for their homeowners insurance marketplace prior to development in order to improve user satisfaction and minimize drop-offs.

How Covered's UX team uses Hubble to accelerate product development cycles?

Northspyre uses in-product surveys to identify which products had the most user interest, then prioritized when building out their next quarterly roadmap.  

How IDUS Leveraged Hubble to Enhance Seller Portal 2.0

IDUS uese Hubble for proactive planning of potential feature enhancements. The primary focus involves addressing persistent issues identified through the Customer Service division and uncovering hidden problems and pain points experienced by sellers.

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Customize your studies to learn

Elevate your research capabilities through our contextual surveys. Collect any type of product feedback ranging from usability testing, feature satisfaction, concept tests and many others.

Unmoderated tests

For validating new design concepts and product ideations

Unmoderated tests

For feature evaluations and roadmapping

Unmoderated tests

For feature experimentation and product ideation

In-product surveys

For feature experimentation and product ideation

In-product surveys

For feature experimentation and product ideation

In-product surveys

For feature experimentation and product ideation