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Getting high quality product feedback from users has never been this easy.

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Prototype testing

Create interactive studies to gather user feedback on concepts, prototypes, wireframes and even live beta links.

Insights dashboard

Produce automated insight reports to share with other members of your team. 

User groups

Create customized focus groups within Hubble to share studies continuously and measure their feedback over time.


Use our suite of integrations to connect Hubble with your favorite tools. Use your existing user data platforms to trigger studies or use plugins to import components directly from your design tools

Designed for world class product teams

Hubble was designed and built by product builders to solve their own problems. Hubble elevates your product team to gather actionable insights and create world-class product experiences

Product managers

Do you have a pile of product ideas, but not sure which ones should you pursue, or where do you invest your time and resource? Hubble can help you evaluating product ideas and make better product decision faster.

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Design teams

Get your product ideas prioritized by testing design concepts early. Hubble helps your design team to validate ideas quickly without any research background. With our preset templates and Figma integration, you can identify what works and what doesn't.

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Researcher teams

Are you busy supporting research for multiple product teams at the same time? Hubble helps you to run unmoderated studies in limited time with specific targeted users in your product. Learn from users in-the-moment as they interact with your product.

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User research insights at your fingertips

High quality user research has never been this easy.
Gather insights from your actual users. Segment users based on their attributes and target the right users as they are using your product.

Summary analysis

Use auto-generated reports to share insights with anyone on your team.

Real-time results tracking

You can get a quick access to aggregated data from results on our summary page.

Generate a beautiful report

Gather all your results in Hubble, create the report and send onto your cross-functional partners.

Individual responses

Get actionable insights from individual participants

Answers from selected testers

Analyze results with collecting and comparing by individual respondent metadata.

Watch screen recording

Understand better your customer flow with recorded clips for the live studies.

Create customized unmoderated studies

Elevate your research capabilities through our customizable surveys. Collect any type of product feedback ranging from usability testing, feature satisfaction, concept tests and many others.

Validate design concepts
Recommended for designers
Feature usability test
Recommended for designers & researchers
Design preference test
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Embed your Figma prototype for better research

You can now test concepts and prototypes even before you build a real product. Simply copy and paste your Figma working prototype to create a click through interactive tests.

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