Card Sorting

Learn how your users
organize information

Observe how your users organize information to optimize the information architecture of your product.

Conduct all types of
card sorting tests

Run open, closed or hybrid card sort studies depending on your learning objectives. Analyze how your users categorize information in the context of your product.

Provide an easy
experience for testers

Use the newest drag-and-drop experience available in the market so that your testers can easily and accurately provide their thoughts.

Share card sorting results with your team

Share simple and delightful visualizations for all types of card sorting tests.  

Resources on Card Sorting 🎯

Articles and guides on how to use usability testing
to empower your team's decision making 🚀

Card Sorting

What our customers say 🙌

"I love how easy it is to test prototypes and swiftly recruit our own users as participants using the SDK integration."

Emily Diamond
Head of Product @ Morning Brew

“Our team primarily relies on Hubble's recorded unmoderated prototype studies among its various features. We appreciate their ease of setup and the prompt user feedback they offer, facilitating more informed decision-making and propelling our product development in the right direction.”

Courtney Ogburn
UX Designer @ Northspyre

"Hubble helps us with our UX research and usability testing initiatives. The team has been great in helping us get scale and conduct rapid and effective tests for our design and prototypes."

Joyce Iong
UX Designer at Covered Insurance

“One of the hardest things in product is to figure out what users need. Hubble has helped us test product concepts in a matter of days.”

Pete Barnett
Director of Product @ Northspyre

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Analyze how your users organize information in the context of your product.