In-product Recruitment

Recruit your own users for research

Use in-product modals to recruit participants for your research.

Launch modals to recruit research participants

Use pop-overs and modals to recruit your users for your research projects. Target specific users with user segmentation.

Trigger research requests
with specific conditions

Trigger research recruitment modals based on various conditions including URL matching, CSS clicks and events. Use custom configurations including timers and delays.

Customize your modals to match your brand

Match the survey UI with your design system without having to use any CSS code.

Resources on
In-Product Recruitment 📚

Articles and guides on using Hubble's In-Product Recruitment Feature 🚀


What our customers say

"We use Hubble to target specific users and collect their satisfaction score after they finish a video research session. The results have been outstanding."

Brandon Di Bartolo
Head of Product @ Askable

“A recent in-product survey we ran with great success was asking users a multiple choice question on which products they would like to see next. We were all surprised by the results as the most voted options didn’t include any of the products we initially expected.”

Sandra Li
Product Manager @ Northspyre

“Because our team didn’t have a dedicated UX researcher for seller experiences, we wanted to adopt something that the entire team (product managers and UX designers) could use easily to gather seller-specific feedback.”

Jaegun Lee
Product Manager @ IDUS

"Our team was very satisfied that we collected more than 3000 responses in less than a day for our CSAT survey."

Bryan Le
UX Designer @ Ro
(Former Head of Design @ Good Dog)

Recruit your users for research

Start today to recruit your own users for research.