In-product recruitment to test with real users

Unlock the power of real user feedback by recruiting participants directly within your product. With Hubble SDK and survey triggers, you decide how and when to reach out to the users.


SDK that gives you full control over in-product recruitment within your product

Take charge of your user recruitment process with our versatile SDK. Easily integrate and customize survey triggers to seamlessly invite real users for research studies.

Non-intrusive triggers that keep your product performance intact

Maintain your product's performance and user experience with survey triggers that are non-intrusive and lightweight. With full control over the trigger, you can specify where the modal to show up.

Specify when to trigger using events, timers, delays, or URLs

Tailor your recruitment strategy to your needs. Define trigger conditions based on specific events, timers, delays, or even URLs to capture user insights at precisely the right moments.

Customize trigger theme to match your brand

Ensure brand consistency throughout the recruitment process. Customize trigger themes to harmonize with your brand identity, providing a seamless and inviting experience for your users.

Get started today to reach out to real users to collect contextual feedback on your product.


What our customers say

Hear directly from our customers how Hubble has transformed their continuous user feedback engine

“Hubble has been dramatically important even in such a short time period”

Better insights and better data in terms of what we need to build next. One of the hardest things to do  within product is knowing what to build next.

Pete Barnett
Director of Product @ Northspyre

“Hubble is a single space for all kinds of user feedback”

It's super important for us to be able to talk with customers all over the country asynchronously but still get that kind of live real human feedback.

Zach Pennington
Chief Product Officer at Forecastr

“Hubble is an amazing all-in-one research tool”

Hubble helps us with our UX research and usability testing initiatives. The team has been great in helping us get scale and conduct rapid and effective tests for our design and prototypes.

Joyce Iong
UX Lead at Covered