Hubble Demos

Demo videos to help you use hubble

Introduction to Hubble

This introduction video provides an introduction on Hubble's core features and helps you navigate through the product.

Creating a Study

Learn how to create a new usability test using Hubble.

Building Your Study

Learn how to design and add different questions to an unmoderated study.

Using Text Statements

Learn how to add text statements to your Hubble studies.

Changing Study Settings

Learn how to change study settings, limit the number of responses, customize design, and more.

Using Logic Flows

Learn how to use logic flows to create custom paths for each respondent.

Using Card Sorting

Learn how to use card sorting tasks to conduct Information Architecture (IA) Tests.

Reviewing Study Results

Learn how to get an overview of study results with a summary view, task success rates, and user interactions through heat maps.

Previewing a Study

Preview and pilot-test your study before it goes live.

Creating a New Survey

Learn how to create a new in-product survey and use templates to kickstart your project.

Designing Your Survey

Learn how to design your survey and customize questions.

Publishing a Survey

Customize and set different trigger methods to target specific audience for your in-product survey.

Reviewing Survey Results

See how you can review a summary of survey results along with individual responses.

Recruiting Participants

Learn how to recruit participants from our internal recruitment panel of B2C and B2B professionals.