Releasing Hubble's upgraded participant recruitment feature

February 24, 2024

Today, we are excited to announce that we are launching our participant recruitment feature to our organization plan customers. With this feature, our customers will now be able to access more than 3 million participants from more than 150 countries. All of Hubble’s research tools including unmoderated tests, quantitative surveys and prototype testing will support participant recruitment, providing flexible options for researchers to be able to use both internal and external participants when they use Hubble. For this integration, we have partnered with Respondent, a market leader in providing participants for enterprise researchers at companies such as GoDaddy, Microsoft, Dropbox and Intuit.

The importance of high quality research participants

Impactful research starts with having access to high quality participants. Nevertheless, recruiting participants is always a time-consuming and challenging task for UX researchers, product managers and UX designers. Creating a high quality study that can actually drive results requires a lot of insight and dedication, but finding the right participants is as important as the study itself to ensure outcomes that drive value within the product and UX organization.

With Hubble’s new participant recruiting feature, teams can recruit from a broad, enterprise grade participant pool at lightning speed, being able to connect with specific personas for market research and user research. Our recruitment feature supports searching both B2C and B2B personas, with the ability to target granular personas with parameters including region, age, ethnicity, household income, skills, interests and many other demographic characteristics. If you would like to explore what types of participants you will be able to recruit through our Respondent integration, please check out this panel book link.

You can use demographic characteristics, interests, professional skills and many other attributes to find the exact participants you need

How will Hubble's participant recruitment work?

Customers will have full control over the recruitment process by specifying participant criteria, customizing screener questions, and reviewing participants thoroughly before inviting them to any studies.

Using the screening questions, you can filter participants and qualify participants based on their answers

As always, Hubble is committed to helping the world create better products through our unified research tools. We are so excited to launch this feature to continue helping our customers achieve their goals and keep building products that their customers love. If you want to schedule a demo to learn more about our participant recruitment feature, please use this link.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many participants does Hubble's pool support?

Hubble provides access to over 3 million research participants from 150 different countries.

How can I pay for the recruitment feature?

Please schedule a demo with our team to get access to our participant recruitment feature.

Where are Hubble's participants from?

Hubble partners with Respondent to provide participants to researchers. Respondent is a market leading provider of research participants to enterprise companies.

What types of research could I run with Hubble's panels?

You will be able to use all of Hubble's existing research and product feedback features with Hubble participants. In addition, you will still be allowed to invite your own participants and users for your research.

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