Launching Hubble, an AI Powered Unified Product Research Tool

December 15, 2022

We have some very exciting news! My teammates and I officially launched our product to the public today! After spending several months collecting feedback from our beta customers, Minhye, Nick, David and I have continued to build strong conviction that there is an unmet need for a unified product research tool for teams to collect continuous feedback from their users. We are sincerely grateful to our beta users, investors and early customers as we hit this significant milestone on our exciting journey.

Earlier this year, our team started to write the first lines of code for Hubble to solve challenges around gathering high quality user feedback and conducting product research, which were constant problems that we encountered when building products at our prior companies. Below are some additional details around the core issues we have identified and experienced as makers.

Conducting Impactful Qualitative Research

Real-time user research doesn’t scale well

We believe that user interviews and moderated research can be very helpful for initial discovery; helping teams identify potential problem areas and build hypotheses around how the product could be enhanced for users. Nevertheless, real-time interviews are tough to scale, and the insights that are gathered through them are difficult to share across stakeholders in the product organization. The team at Dovetail is solving this problem through a collaborative research repository that can help product teams archive and organize different types of research insights.

Existing user research solutions are not designed to connect with real users

Currently, product teams use software solutions such as UserTesting, UserZoom and UserInterviews to conduct qualitative research with recruited external panelists. The limitation with this approach is that it’s difficult to rapidly gather direct, contextual feedback from users that are actually utilizing the product day to day. To talk to real users, product managers and researchers have to send outbound recruitment emails to users, which is a very manual and time-consuming process with low conversions.

How is Hubble’s view of the future different versus others?

The aforementioned problems are well known and there are multiple companies that are trying to build creative solutions around it. Companies such as Sprig and Maze are have built strong solutions that have helped them establish a solid position in the user research market. The Sprig team has done an amazing job establishing a leading position in the market helping product teams gather contextual insights from their users through an in-product approach. Similarly, the team at Maze have built an amazing product around unmoderated testing, providing different templates and even the ability to recruit external panelists to conduct user research.

Needless to say, our ultimate vision towards the future is different compared to the other players in the space. Although we are in our early stages, there are two core foundations that we will help us to build something truly disruptive and unique in our market.

Unified tool for product research

Our team strongly believes that the biggest unsolved problem that exists in the current product research & measurement market is the fragmentation of product tools, which leads to meaningful divides between discovery, ideation and measurement. Thus, solving for the effective gathering of qualitative insights is only one piece of the equation; it is very difficult to understand the rest of the story which is the measurement of the impact we were able to make on the product based on the hypothesis that was formed through the qualitative research. Hubble’s vision is to bridge the gap between the qualitative and the quantitative; enabling product teams to gather user feedback and conduct data-driven feature experiments through a single, unified platform. The first step of this will be building the right sets of integrations so that teams can connect qualitative research with product updates and measurement tools.

There is a clear fragmentation between product tools used to conduct qualitative research and experiment the actual impact based on the formulated hypotheses

Power of AI and Automation

Our team strongly believes that we are at the dawn of the next generation of AI powered software. As we have continued to dig deeper in to the market, we realized that there are many repeated, labor intensive processes in the process of user & product research. To get started, we are embedding ChatGPT to let AI create qualitative product research questions used to gather qualitative feedback from product users. Secondly, we will build workflow tools so that teams can automatically collect product feedback whenever new updates are introduced in the product, drastically reducing the amount of time and effort it takes to diagnose potential issues and identify areas for product improvement.

Quick demo of our ChatGPT connection to generate product research questions

Current MVP release

Our current MVP supports the collection of in-product feedback through an SDK. Through our study creation tools, our customers can conduct unmoderated product research on a variety of topics ranging from feature satisfaction to prototype testing. During the creation process, users can generate questions using ChatGPT and connect it directly in their product to collect direct user feedback. Our users can also embed Calendly links into the studies so that they can schedule real-time interviews with their users, if they want to conduct a real-time interview.

Sign up today to start using our product and become a part of our slack community to follow our journey as we build the product tool of the future!

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Brian is the CEO and Founder of Hubble. Brian started Hubble to build a unified tool that allows product and UX teams to continuously discover their user's needs. Brian leads the sales and marketing efforts at the Company and he also works closely with the product team to deliver the best user experience possible for Hubble customers. In his free time, Brian likes to explore New York City and spend time with his family.

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