May 15, 2023

Why Hubble?

Hubble is a continuous UX insights tool that helps teams collect contextual user feedback.

Why Hubble?

Building the right tech stack is key

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How to choose the right tech stack for your company?

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What to consider when choosing the right tech stack?

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What are the most relevant factors to consider?

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What tech stack do we use at Techly X?

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Collect feedback from your users at any moment during the user journey

Hubble is a continuous UX insights tool that helps teams collect contextual user feedback.
At our prior jobs, our founding team always felt frustrations when engaging with users contextually throughout their user journeys. Looking at user analytics data is helpful, but it was difficult to collect contextual feedback data. To solve this issue, we decided to build a powerful and versatile tool that can let product teams collect feedback from their users at any moment during the user journey.

While there are many other micro survey products available in the market, Hubble offers the following meaningful differentiations for product teams:

(1) Powerful Contextualization

Hubble allows product teams to launch survey widgets programmatically through three different options. Study creators can either specify the target URL, trigger the surveys based on clicks or interactions with specific page components, or even use custom code to trigger the surveys. These options allow survey creators to trigger surveys in specific moments as opposed to general page visits, which allows for much more contextual user feedback data. Many other platforms provide ways to add URL parameters to trigger in-product surveys, but offer less options to target specific moments and events within the user journey.

Specify the target URL or CSS component

(2) Wide spectrum of supported feedback data

Hubble can be used for many different use cases, and not just simple NPS or CSAT collection. Hubble can also be used for other qualitative research purposes including running prototype usability tests and recruiting user research participants. This allows product teams to quickly and accurately collect various types of user research insights during all stages of product development.

Summarized results

(3) Flexible pricing

Hubble offers a flexible pricing plan that can accommodate companies of all sizes. Even in earlier stage startups, running In-product research and contextual surveying is becoming increasingly important to understand users. Hubble offers a way for startups to start leveraging a powerful research tool at an affordable cost and scale up as they continue to refine their PMF.

Flexible pricing model

Hubble vs. Hotjar
  • Hotjar is a leading web analytics and insights tool used by many teams. Hubble’s surveys are more powerful and versatile than Hotjar’s because Hubble’s starting plan offers more customized triggering options like leveraging clicks or triggering surveys through code. Hubble also offers more UI customization options and pre-set templates, that allows teams to create specific feedback widgets for different types of use cases. Lastly, Hubble’s surveys support additional response types, including usability tests and interview schedule requests, allowing teams to collect different types of data from in-product users.
Hubble vs. Pendo
  • Pendo is a leading product adoption and analytics tool that provides a surveying feature as one of its capabilities. Hubble’s surveys are more versatile than Pendo’s because it offers a variety of contextual triggering options that can be used by teams to collect granular in-the-moment feedback during the user journey. Hubble also helps with a more robust insights dashboard that is easier to use and share than Pendo’s. Lastly, Hubble offers ways to run design tests in-product which can be a valuable tool for product teams during the ideation and validation stage of product development.
Hubble vs. Intercom
  • Intercom offers surveying as an additional offering to their customer engagement solution. Hubble’s allows for more contextual targeting than Intercom’s surveys, allowing customers to serve surveys more programmatically. In addition, Hubble offers ways to schedule user interviews and collect design feedback which allows for more sophisticated feedback.
Hubble vs. Sprig
  • Hubble offers many of the capabilities that are offered by Sprig, but we also offer a more affordable plan for smaller companies. As a startup ourselves, we have continued to feel the need to collect feedback and insights from users directly in-product so we want to offer the power of Hubble to companies at any stage, if they have a need to understand their users better. In addition, we believe that Hubble offers a more intuitive and delightful user experience for both survey creators and respondents.