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How Covered's UX team uses Hubble to accelerate product development cycles

Covered conducted an A/B test on a new feature design for their homeowners insurance marketplace prior to development in order to improve user satisfaction and minimize drop-offs.

Covered is a digital insurance marketplace — one-stop shop for home, auto, renters, umbrella, pet, life, and more.

B2C & Insurtech

Covered was looking for a user research tool to be able to conduct rapid unmoderated tests with users and external panels

Usability testing, Concept testing

How Covered accelerated product development cycles through Hubble's usability testing

is a modern, independent insurance marketplace that integrates insurance directly into partners' ecosystems to deliver deeper customer relationships and powerful end-to-end digital insurance shopping experiences.

Patrick White (UX Lead), Joyce Iong (UX designer), and Courtney Ogburn (UX designer) used Hubble to rapidly run an unmoderated usability test on their Figma prototypes of their newly designed insurance purchase flow. Within a couple of days, they were able to accurately measure which version of the purchase flow resonated best with users, enabling their product team to make educated decisions on which flow they were going to implement for production.

“Hubble helps us with our UX research and usability testing initiatives. The team has been great in helping us get scale and conduct rapid and effective tests for our design and prototypes."

Joyce Iong, UX Designer at Covered

What challenges or pain points were you experiencing before using Hubble?

Prior to the introduction of Hubble, our ability to swiftly make data-backed design decisions during the research phase of our product roadmap was limited. We lacked the ability to test our prototypes with real users and make feedback driven improvements before implementation.

Why is user research critical to the design process at Covered?

At Covered, we place a strong emphasis on data-driven decision-making. When it comes to making significant UX improvements, our primary goal is to ensure that users can easily use and understand our features. In an industry as complex as insurance, where many people find the subject intimidating, it's crucial that our platform remains user-friendly and simplifies the insurance experience as much as possible.

Why did Covered choose Hubble to accelerate their UX testing and user feedback?

Covered chose Hubble as the preferred solution to expedite our UX testing and gather user feedback due to their extraordinary team and collaborative approach. As a startup, we faced the challenge of seeking a user research platform that was not only adaptable but also tailored to meet our unique requirements. Hubble stood out as an ideal partner in this regard, offering a flexible and scalable approach that resonated perfectly with our dynamic circumstances, as well as the ability to conduct both unmoderated studies and in-product surveys in one tool.

What specific features or aspects of Hubble have been the most beneficial to you?

Our team primarily relies on Hubble's recorded unmoderated prototype studies among its various features. We appreciate their ease of setup and the prompt user feedback they offer, facilitating more informed decision-making and propelling our product development in the right direction

How has Hubble's support or success team helped you along the way?

One of the leading reasons we love the Hubble platform is the team's dedication to our research success. They ensure that the tests we put out will be successful and will meet our goals. They work with our team so that we reach our desired outcome.

Any measurable results or improvements you've experienced since using Hubble?

While we have been utilizing Hubble, we have observed notable improvements in our UX testing and research processes. Our research turnaround time has significantly decreased, enabling us to test concepts within a day as opposed to waiting for weeks. With the ease of setting up unmoderated prototype studies and the prompt user feedback Hubble provides, we've been able to conduct more tests in a shorter span of time. This has accelerated our product development cycles and allowed us to make quicker iterations based on user insights. Also, the quality of our research data has improved. Hubble's reports and data visualization capabilities have enabled us to glean deeper insights from the quantitative feedback we receive. This has led to more informed decision-making and a better understanding of user preferences and pain points.

Overall, Hubble has proven to be a valuable asset in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of our UX research efforts, ultimately contributing to a more user-centric and successful product development process.

"Hubble's reports and data visualization capabilities have enabled us to glean deeper insights from the quantitative feedback we receive. This has led to more informed decision-making and a better understanding of user preferences and pain points."

Courtney Ogburn, UX designer at Covered

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