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Uncover user-driven insights with automated reports

Hubble helps streamline your research and save time by automatically generating summary results with detailed prototype click interactions and heat maps.


Instant, insightful reports with interactive prototypes and heat maps

Hubble's results and heat maps bring your data to life, providing a visual representation of user behavior, preferences, and trends. Uncover patterns and opportunities that were previously hidden in rows of data.

Instantaneously track metrics and analyze data

As study responses are submitted, data is aggregated to present live results. With data summarized, you can easily tap into quantitative data and measure metrics that matter.

Understand how your new prototype design performs

Deep dive into how users interact with your prototype through filtered heat maps. Task success rates are measured along with user flow visualization to highlight how each participant engages with the prototype.

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Seamlessly share UX insights with stakeholders

Make sure everyone on your team is on the same page with the product by effortlessly exporting results through supported file formats.

Begin streamlining your research with Hubble

Unlock a new era of research efficiency with Hubble. Our powerful platform is designed to simplify and accelerate your research process from start to finish


What our customers say

Hear directly from our customers how Hubble has transformed their continuous user feedback engine

“Hubble has been dramatically important even in such a short time period”

Better insights and better data in terms of what we need to build next. One of the hardest things to do  within product is knowing what to build next.

Pete Barnett
Director of Product @ Northspyre

“Hubble is a single space for all kinds of user feedback”

It's super important for us to be able to talk with customers all over the country asynchronously but still get that kind of live real human feedback.

Zach Pennington
Chief Product Officer at Forecastr

“Hubble is an amazing all-in-one research tool”

Hubble helps us with our UX research and usability testing initiatives. The team has been great in helping us get scale and conduct rapid and effective tests for our design and prototypes.

Joyce Iong
UX Lead at Covered