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✍️ Context for live site testing
Text Statement
🌐 Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the [product page]
Live Site Testing
❓ Overall, how do you feel about the page?
Numerical Scale
❓ Please elaborate more.
❓ What part of the text in the page stood out the most to you?
❓ Please elaborate more.
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Content testing

Analyze sentiment of a page

Gauge users’ emotional reactions on a page or text with sentiment analysis. See whether a block of text or webpage evokes a positive or negative response from the users.

Study objectives

  • Analyze user feedback, comments, or reviews on a webpage to understand the overall sentiment expressed by users towards the content, product, or service.
  • Assess how users perceive and emotionally respond to the brand messaging, tone of voice, and communication style conveyed on the webpage.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of content elements (e.g., headlines, copy, visuals) in eliciting positive or negative emotions and engaging users on an emotional level.

Gauge users’ emotions with sentiment analysis

Conduct a sentiment analysis with users on a particular page or text

Getting started


Create an account and log in to your Hubble account.


Find and select the template to use.


Edit live site URL and the questions as you see fit.


Run pilot tests with internal users (ideally, people that are not a part of your project).


Preview the study and check if you need to make any last minute changes.


Publish the study and wait for the results to come in.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is sentiment analysis?

Sentiment analysis involves collecting a general sentiment or opinion from users on whether a certain page is positive, negative, or neutral.

Why is conducting sentiment analysis on users important?

Conducting sentiment analysis on users is important because it helps your team understand how users feel about the products, services, or brand. It provides insights into customer satisfaction, sentiment trends, and areas for improvement.

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Gauge users’ emotions with sentiment analysis

Conduct a sentiment analysis with users on a particular page or text