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Live Site Testing
❓ How intuitive was the sign-up process?
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❓ Please elaborate on your rating.
❓ How clear were the wordings during the sign-up process?
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❓ What changes could we make to improve the sign-up process?
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Usability testing

Live-test your sign-up flow

Use Hubble’s live site testing to observe and understand how users interact with your website. See if users go through the sign-up flow as expected and collect feedback to make improvements.

Study objectives

  • Assess the overall user experience during the sign-up process, including ease of use, clarity of instructions, and intuitiveness of interface elements.
  • Determine the percentage of users who successfully complete the sign-up process versus those who abandon it midway, identifying potential bottlenecks or obstacles.
  • Identify any errors or issues encountered by users during the sign-up process, such as validation errors, technical glitches, or confusing prompts.
  • Potentially analyze the impact of the sign-up process on conversion rates and identifying any factors contributing to a higher or lower conversion rate.

Live-site test your sign-up flow

Visualize how users actually go through the sign-up process with Hubble

Best practices to optimize the sign-up process

  • Streamline the process: Minimize the number of steps and form fields required for sign-up to reduce user friction and make the process more efficient.
  • Clear and concise instructions: Provide clear and easy-to-understand instructions at each step of the sign-up process to guide users through the process smoothly.

  • Offer social login options: Allow users to sign up or log in using their existing social media accounts, such as Google, Facebook, or Twitter, to simplify the registration process and eliminate the need for creating new credentials.

  • Include progress indicators: If the sign-up process requires additional steps and extensive information, incorporate progress indicators or step-by-step guidance to show users how far they've progressed in the sign-up process and what steps are remaining.

  • Inline validation: Implement inline form validation to provide real-time feedback to users as they fill out the form, helping them correct errors immediately and preventing frustration.

  • Offer guest login: Allow users to complete the sign-up process as guest users without requiring them to create an account, especially for e-commerce or service-based websites.

Getting started


Create an account and log in to your Hubble account.


Find and select the template to use.


Edit the questions and live site link as you see fit.


Run pilot tests with internal users (ideally, people that are not a part of your project).


Preview the study and check if you need to make any last minute changes.


Publish the study and wait for the results to come in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is optimizing the sign-up experience important?

Optimizing the sign-up experience is crucial because it sets the tone for users' initial interactions with a product or service. A smooth and intuitive onboarding process increases user engagement, reduces churn rates, and improves overall user satisfaction and retention.

What are some key elements of an effective onboarding experience?

Key elements include clear instructions and guidance, intuitive user interface design, personalized recommendations or suggestions, progressive disclosure of features, and minimal friction or barriers to entry.

How can you measure the effectiveness of the onboarding experience?

Effectiveness can be measured through metrics such as user activation rates, time to first value, completion rates for onboarding tasks, user retention rates, and user satisfaction scores. By monitoring these metrics, organizations can assess the success of their onboarding efforts and identify areas for further optimization.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when optimizing the onboarding experience?

Common mistakes include overwhelming users with too much information or options, requiring excessive user input or data entry, neglecting to provide adequate support or assistance, and failing to address user concerns or objections effectively.

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Live-site test your sign-up flow

Visualize how users actually go through the sign-up process with Hubble