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Text Statement
❓ Fill in the blank based on the original text.
❓ Fill in the blank based on the original text.
❓ Fill in the blank based on the original text.
❓ Overall how easy was it to understand the provided text?
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Measure reading comprehensibility with Cloze tests

Cloze tests offer empirical evidence regarding the comprehensibility of a text for a specific audience. Gauge how easy it is to comprehend a block of text within your product and website.

Study objectives

  • Measure comprehensibility of your text. Cloze tests can measure participants' comprehension skills by examining their ability to understand the meaning of a passage and select appropriate words to fill in the blanks.
  • Cloze tests assess whether the text is relatable and contextually fit by seeing if participants can correctly infer meaning from context based on the sentences and surrounding words to fill in any blanks.
  • Identify proper vocabulary, syntax, or grammar for your text. As participants go through the text and guess the filling word, they are likely to suggest alternatives that could make more sense.

Measure text comprehensibility with Cloze tests

Get empirical evidence on how easy it is to comprehend important texts like your product’s privacy page

When should I run a Cloze test?

  • Content evaluation: Use Cloze tests to evaluate the clarity, comprehensibility, and effectiveness of content, such as website copy, privacy page, user interface (UI) text, product descriptions, or instructional materials. Participants can fill in missing words to ensure that the content communicates the intended message clearly and effectively.
  • Comparative analysis: Use Cloze tests to compare different versions of content, interfaces, or instructional materials to determine which variations are more effective in conveying information or facilitating user understanding.
  • Localization and internationalization: Use Cloze tests to assess the localization or internationalization of content by evaluating users' ability to understand translated or culturally adapted text. This can help identify potential language or cultural barriers that may affect the usability and accessibility of the product in different regions or markets.
  • Accessibility evaluation: Evaluate the accessibility of digital content and interfaces by using Cloze tests to assess users' ability to comprehend text presented in alternative formats, such as screen readers or text-to-speech applications. This can help identify barriers to accessibility and ensure that content is perceivable and understandable to all users.

How is Cloze test results interpreted?

Calculate the percentage score by dividing the number of correctly guessed items by the maximum possible score and multiply by 100 to obtain the percentage score.

Note that Cloze test is not about gauging participants’ vocabulary or spelling knowledge. Misspelling or using synonyms should be considered correct.

An average score of 60% or higher indicates that the text is reasonably understandable for the designated user profile used to recruit test participants. It's important to note the distinction between readability scores and comprehension scores.

Best practices for optimizing digital content

  • Know your audience: Understand the demographics, preferences, and literacy levels of your target audience. Tailor the language, tone, and complexity of the text to match their needs and preferences.
  • Use clear and simple language: Write in clear, concise, and straightforward language. Avoid jargon, technical terms, or complex sentences that may confuse or overwhelm readers.
  • Organize content in hierarchy: Structure the content logically with clear headings, subheadings, and bullet points. Use formatting techniques such as bold, italics, or color to emphasize key points and make the text scannable.
  • Chunk information: Break down large blocks of text into smaller chunks to make it easier for readers to digest. Use short paragraphs and sentences to maintain readability and flow.
  • Use visual elements as needed: Incorporate relevant images, diagrams, charts, or infographics to complement the text and enhance understanding. Make sure visual elements are accessible and support the content rather than distract from it.
  • Provide definitions and explanations: Define unfamiliar terms or concepts within the text or provide links to additional resources for further explanation. This helps readers expand their understanding without disrupting the flow of reading.

Getting started


Create an account and log in to your Hubble account.


Find and select the template to use.


Edit the questions as you see fit.


Run pilot tests with internal users (ideally, people that are not a part of your project).


Preview the study and check if you need to make any last minute changes.


Publish the study and wait for the results to come in.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Cloze test in user research?

A Cloze test is a method used to assess the comprehensibility of content by removing certain words or phrases from a passage and asking participants to fill in the blanks with the missing words.

How is a Cloze test administered?

Participants are typically presented with a passage of text with specific words or phrases removed, either randomly or strategically. Typically, a blank is provided every 6th word. They are then asked to fill in the blanks with the words they believe are missing, based on context and comprehension.

What types of content are suitable for Cloze tests?

The frequency of A/B testing for landing pages depends on factors such as campaign objectives, traffic volume, and the rate of change in your target audience's preferences. It's generally recommended to test regularly to identify and capitalize on optimizatCloze tests are suitable for assessing the clarity and effectiveness of written content, including website copy, privacy notice, product descriptions, instructional materials, user manuals, and other types of text-based content.ion opportunities, but the exact frequency may vary based on your specific circumstances.

How are Cloze test results analyzed?

Cloze test results are analyzed by comparing participants' responses to the original passage of text. Correct responses indicate that the passage is clear and comprehensible, while incorrect or incomplete responses may highlight areas of confusion or ambiguity.

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Measure text comprehensibility with Cloze tests

Get empirical evidence on how easy it is to comprehend important texts like your product’s privacy page