Hubble Templates


Don't delay testing your designs until they're fully polished. Start testing your design concepts early using storyboards, wireframes, and Figma prototypes, and continuously refine them through iterative improvements. Assess developed products through usability testing and A/B testing to test design variations.

Test variations of CTAs to increase clarity and visibility

Test multiple design concepts early on with design preference

Stress test your CTA placement.

Visualize how users go about the sign-up flow in your app

Visualize how users navigate your app or website with live-site testing

Run iterative usability tests on your mobile prototypes

Uncover how users categorize info with card sorting

Collect feedback on your low-fidelity wireframe and prototypes

Test variations of wireframes to gauge users' preferences

Determine how discoverable a feature or certain element is for your users

Understand how well-organized your website content is

Collect real-time feedback on your beta product's performance

Evaluate and optimize your app's sign-up flow

Uncover insights and usability of your product with usability tasks