Hubble Templates


Bolster your marketing and content strategies with a spectrum of techniques, from A/B testing to validating product-market fit and conducting Cloze tests. Evaluate your content impact with quantifiable results to communicate with more clarity.

Improve marketing efforts by comparing the best email subject lines

Conduct A/B tests with different copy variants on landing pages

Test variations of CTAs to increase clarity and visibility

Capture the overall sentiment of a page

Understand what aspect of your content resonates with users

Have users evaluate content on a live website

Stress test your CTA placement.

Increase clarity in your product taglines

Understand what your users think of your pricing

Iterate and develop impactful content for your users

Optimize your customer's onboarding experience

Follow-up with users with their onboarding experience

Understand your customers' price preferences

Task with fill-in-the-blank to gauge content clarity

Get quick signals on your app's onboarding experience with surveys

Gather naming ideas and align your product with users' expectations

Evaluate whether your marketing messages are resonating with users

Deep dive into user needs and typical workflow

Understand how effectively your product is meeting your market's needs