Hubble Templates

UX Research

Whether you're initiating a foundational study to uncover customer goals, user needs, jobs-to-be-done, and pain points, or iterating through evaluative studies with prototypes and usability testing, our extensive array of templates is tailored to jumpstart your next research endeavor.

Capture usability and feedback on new features

Quantify usability of your app with System Usability Scale

Get to know your customers with JTBD framework

Measure the ease of using your product with a SEQ test

Optimize your customer's onboarding experience

Probe deep into understanding your user needs and goals

Recruit research participants directly from your product

Measure NPS to assess user satisfaction and loyalty

Uncover how users categorize info with card sorting

Understand users' mental model and how they group information

Gauge overall product satisfaction with surveys

Deep dive into understanding users pain points and opportunity areas

Understand how well-organized your website content is

Collect real-time feedback on your beta product's performance

Evaluate and optimize your app's sign-up flow

Uncover insights and usability of your product with usability tasks