Hubble Templates


Validate assumptions about your users and explore opportunity areas through unmoderated tests and survey templates. Choose from our curated templates for product teams and managers to gather user feedback and foster a user-centric approach to product development.

Visualize how users navigate your app or website with live-site testing

Visualize how users go about the sign-up flow in your app

Quantify usability of your app with System Usability Scale

Stress test your CTA placement.

Gauge interest on a new feature from your customers

Follow-up with users with their onboarding experience

Probe deep into understanding your user needs and goals

Get to know your customers with JTBD framework

Deep dive into understanding users pain points and opportunity areas

Test your ideas as early as possible with storyboards

Capture the overall sentiment of a page

Get quick signals on a problem space with a survey

Understand what aspect of your content resonates with users

Gather naming ideas and align your product with users' expectations

Assess your website categorizations through a card sorting task

Get quick signals on your app's onboarding experience with surveys

Understand users' mental model and how they group information

Determine how discoverable a feature or certain element is for your users

Gauge users' overall satisfaction and areas of improvements

Capture usability and feedback on new features

Understand how effectively your product is meeting your market's needs

Understand your customers' price preferences

Understand how much users are satisfied with a new feature with a survey

Deep dive into user needs and typical workflow

Follow-up with users on their first-time experience